Case Studies

Mark Alby, Glasgow, UK

Mark is facing serious network issues at the office that is interfering with the staff's communication with clients.  He hopes to get a long lasting solution to these network problems.

Daniel Davies, Manchester, UK

Daniel is the CRM manager of his company and they are experiencing bad quality calls. He needs a quick solution that will enable them to focus on the service instead of the bad network.

Ben Pearson, North London, UK

Ben Pearson’s charity foundation is currently experiencing mobile signal challenges that are holding back communication with clients and partners. Their building has completely no signal.

David Kinsley, Market Drayton, UK

David  is experiencing poor signal inside his store causing challenges like taking orders and contacting his customers. He hopes to find a quick and full proof solution that will solve his issue.

Dominic Whittaker, London, UK

Dominic’s office is in a poor area for reception purposes. He can only access E-services and rarely gets a signal for mobile services for him and his employees. He needs a cell phone signal repeater

Shaun Carvill, Manchester, UK

Shaun wants to purchase a signal booster for his elderly mum after he experienced great results with one he had purchased for his office few months ago.

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