Shaun Carvill, Manchester, UK

Computer Programmer

Shaun wants to purchase a signal booster for his elderly mum after he experienced great results with one he had purchased for his office few months ago.

The Problem

A satisfied customer, Shaun Carvill, previously purchased a signal booster for his London office a few months ago. He had no difficulties installing it and has been getting great results. Since he is experiencing such a positive outcome to his past low signal issues, he wishes to obtain one for his elderly mum. He wonders if she will get the same results since she lives in a rural area in Wales. His mother is easily frustrated with her dropped calls and feels helpless to fix the problem by herself. Shaun told his mother about his successful solution to his own low signal issues that he had at work, and how he always has satisfactory signal strength now, to make all his calls on his mobile phone. Obviously, he wants to help her, and questions whether her rural location will prove more difficult for a repeater to enhance her signal there.

Our Team Solution

Shaun went back to the website, to peruse the various boosters available, so he could choose the best one for his mum. He contacted their great customer service department and spoke with Phyllis. They had a conversation about his mum and where she lives. Shaun also told her that his mother uses a different mobile signal provider than he does, but that he feels that it is a decent and popular company. He knows there is only so much the provider can do to help his mother, and he is confident that Phyllis can help him find the right one. They decided upon a cell phone booster that works for all networks and in a medium sized home that is less than 300 sq. m. Shaun was excited to get it and install it in his mother’s house, as soon as possible.

Tom Jones

Technical Expert

The customer representative helps him settle on one. This is a cell phone booster that works for all networks and is excellently designed to serve a medium sized home that is less than 300m. Shaun is excited at the prospect of a network solution for his mum and buys the cell phone booster.

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